Anatomy and Spanish this week

Here are a couple actitivies we did this week. 

First, a new toy and a new interest.  She has always had an interest in what is happening with her body.  Why does my owie heal?   Where is my blood?  What happens to my food?  I saw this puzzle and was just waiting for the right price.  $19.99 on Amazon with free shipping and I jumped.  This is the girl puzzle and a friend went in on the order with me and ordered the boy puzzle for her PK son.  Kind of spendy, I suppose but I will sell it when she is done using it.  (She looks tired using it here but really enjoyed it and has probably completed the 5 layers at least 20 times since I opened it a few days ago.)

To go along with it I ordered the Magic School Bus Human Body DVD based on good reviews.  also on Amazon. She loves it and after watching it she goes to her puzzle and talks through what happened on the episodes.  She has always been into “acting things out” and so this is a great way for her to take in the information. 

And a couple months back she had requested to learn Spanish.  I pulled out a Hooked on Phonics Spanish kit and she is enjoying it.  She is in the middle of the second level on this 3 level basic program designed for 3-5 year olds.  I thought it would be fun to take the Spanish names of the body parts she is learning and use them with the Potato Heads, so we created this game.

Here are the different pieces set out in categories with the Spanish word cards labeling each section.  Setting it up gives us a good review.

Then I would turn the cards over into a pile and we would take turns turning over the top card to reveal the Spanish word for a body part.  You get to pick the body part the card reveals on your turn. There is no big strategy to this. I keep the cards in order so that by the time you have gone through the pile twice you both have a complete Potato Head. She LOVES this.