A Good Resource

I decided that I really should have my children assist more with household duties. Call them Chores or Expectations or Assignments or whatever you want. Maybe  Responsibilities? I want my children to be responsible so maybe I will choose that term. I found a couple good resources for starting on this effort, so I thought I would share them.

First, you can use a chart or you can just keep track of these things mentally. I’m leaning toward the chart because I need the visual reminder and I suspect that will help my children, too. There are a couple charts listed in this blog.  I’m leaning toward doing this with my 4y9m I thought daughter first and then adding the chart for my 2y3m son by fall when he starts on a more official schedule for homeschool preschool. In the meantime I will encourage him to help as he is able.

Second, I need to determine which chores are age appropriate. I thought this list was helpful.

Finally, I need to decide how I want to approach this effort. I’m not one to do a lot of rewards unless they are direct and real consequences from an action. (Ex: We can go to the park now because you cleaned up quickly so we have the extra time. ) So, i think we need to consistently check to see if the responsibilities are met before we enjoy the privileges in our house. I’m thinking that before she asks for a TV show or some computer time in the afternoon, I should encourage her to check off her responsibilities then.

So, I will begin this effort and see how it works for us. I would love to hear about the responsibility efforts that are working for other families.